Green Peppercorns 4 oz. bag.

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Whole Green Peppercorns   4 oz. bag.

Green Peppercorns come from the same plant as the black and white peppercorns.

They are harvested when young, and dehydrated. They have a fruity aroma, with a mild pepper flavor and bite.

This is the peppercorn used in the classic French dish Steak au poivre.

Crush the peppercorn and rub into your favorite steak, lightly salt with your favorite sea salt.

Pan sear, rotating once. Turn, cook, Flip after a good sear has been acomplished.  add Cognac, Stand Back, Flambe', turn and add a nice Bourdelaise sauce, Remove steak when desired doneness is reached. While the steak rests. Finish the sauce with a little heavy cream (Reduce). Add a few dashes of your favorite Hot Sauce if you want more heat.

serve with a roasted fan cut russet and some blanched and Sauteed Brocollini, with a R.R.P.sauce.