Roasted Turkey Rub 4 oz. bag.

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Roasted Turkey Rub   4 oz. bag.

You want to make Thanksgiving Dinner this year!

This Rub Mixed with a good EVOO and rubbed under the skin and lightly over the skin, will give you a Delicious Roasted Turkey.

Remember Low and Slow with a lot of basting, 300 degrees Fehrenheit. over a Mire Poix (Onions, Carrots, Celery), and Stock or Beer or Wine to cover the Mire Poix. Tented. 

Start Breast side down in a pam sprayed or prepared how you like Roasting Pan, after an hour, flip carefully with out damaging the Skin!

Cook to 185 F on an instant read thermometer.

Un-Tent at 175 Degrees F