Smoked Mustard, Porcini, and Shallot Shake 4 oz. bag.

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Smoked Mustard, Porcini, and Shallot Shake   4 oz. bag.

This is a blend for the more experienced cook, due to the proper procedures to get the most out of this blend.

This is a Roast Beef Seasoning (This is excellent on Game as well ie; Deer, Moose, Elk, Goat, and the like).

Red Meat. Try it on Ostrich, or Emu and let us know!

Prep and season very lightly with the blend mixed with EVOO, to a Paste. Place on chosen cooking surface.

Cook to the flipping stage, Flip. Cook untill you reach the Maillard Reaction Stage. add the Blend Generously and Remove from the Heat and Tent for 5 minutes - 20 minutes depending on the size of the meat your cooking.

Grilling Steaks, season lightly with Paste, Grill, cook as usual, after last turn add the Blend and pull when done to desired Temp.

Cover and rest . Enjoy.